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slacker 15-Oct-2004 08:51 PM

620 Sport; fullfairing, silver/grey; 2003 reg
police incident number: 2832307/04
time/date of theft: between 1230 and 0700 am 15th Oct 04

Ducati 620 Sport Full Fairing (newer shape supersport)

reported to Tottenham Police Station, 398 High Road, Tottenham London N17
tel: 020 88081212

location of theft: front garden of 10 Risley Avenue, London N17

Registered August, 2003

Engine no. ZDM620A2*016732
Frame no. ZDMV500AA3B001989

Reg no: LK03 XNF

Bike is bog standard; front indicators have pulled away from fairing partially or completely, taking a small section of fairing with them (the inset part); slight rust to a portion of the seat keyhole where plating has been scratched.

Fitted with Datatag system 3 alarm, which was set at the time. No keys were with the bike (so I expect it will be broken for spares?)

I'm totally gutted!!!

ath748 16-Oct-2004 11:27 AM

Really sorry to hear that. Hope the f^&Ģing b@$tards get hung.


rockhopper 16-Oct-2004 12:01 PM

Thats quite a rare bike i think. I had to go to Ducati.com to find out what it looked like!!

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