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Hi All,

New to the forum but not to Dukes, I've had a '98 ST2 a couple of years. I've been riding over thirty five years.

I'm an active member of the FJ/FJR Owners Club attending as many runs as possible with the Wife. (I own an FJR AE and I restored an FJ1200 3XW a couple of years ago).

It (ST2) had sat in my Dads workshop for many a year as he prefers twins of the flat variety.

Well it was pretty useless as a working motorbike when I went to pick it up, although immaculate to look at it was plagued with electrical issues, needed a belt change and an MOT.

Solenoid, battery leads and the correct battery for the single phase genny and it was put right.

Next I thought I'd look for some more "go" so some nice carbon pipes, DP performance EPROM and air filter got it just right.

Bar risers, Zero G screen and a Corbin seat sorted the comfort.

It's now a brilliant all round bike, in fact I enjoyed riding that much I picked up an ST3 too (which I've just broke the RHS handlebar clamp on) Grrrrrrrr.

Always loved Italian bikes as a kid but my Dad wouldn't entertain 'em.

I will be looking for a Multistrada in a couple of years when it's time to move on my FJR AE.

So I'd just like to say "hello All"!
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