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ive been in the market for a few weeks but have to say that i find a massive gulf between buyers and sellers expectations

take a look at the 25k sps for example on ebay or the 10k one for another matter

it seems that some folks are taking a speculative view on them with a view to turning a quick buck

ive spent a lot of time on a number of fora and speaking in person to owners who cannot believe whats happening to prices

and then when you speak to dealers its clear that stuff priced silly is sticking around...

charlies motorcycles have had a late biposto on for 3.8 for ages... and at the same time, a chap i know well sold a 15k fettled sps for 4.9 after less than a week

given that the homologation specials can be had for around 5-6 its not clear to me why any of the base models would be worth more than 3.5
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