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Post Get 1000 worth of Ducati Performance accessories when you purchase an XDiavel

Change position with 1000 worth of Ducati Performance accessories when you purchase an XDiavel
  • Purchase a new XDiavel between now and 30th April 2017 and receive a Ducati Performance kit worth 1000
  • Kit includes: Central footpeg position, super-high seat and rearward handlebar
  • Kits in stock now at dealers

Until the 30th April 2017, Ducati UK is offering a free Ducati Performance kit worth 1,000 (RRP including fitting) with the purchase of a new XDiavel or XDiavel S.

This promotion offers an alternative to the traditional feet-forward riding position of a cruiser by offering a kit that will transform the ergonomics of the bike to a more centralised and upright position.

This kit consists of central footpegs, a super-high seat and a rearward handlebar. The central footpegs are made of billet aluminium and placed in a central position while the super-high seat is designed in combination with the central footpegs and features selected materials evoking a sporting spirit of the XDiavel. A Rearward handlebar brings the bar closer to the rider improving rideability and increasing riding comfort.

This promotion includes the cost of fitting at a dealer.

The Ducati Performance kit features just part of an extensive collection of accessories available for the XDiavel. The XDiavel can be personalised using the online configurator found here at

The XDiavel is available now for test ride at dealers and is available from 15,995 for the XDiavel and 18,795 for the XDiavel S. The XDiavel family is also available to purchase through the Ducati TriOptions from 179 per month.

To take advantage of this offer or to view how the riding position has changed as a result of this Ducati Performance pack, please contact your nearest dealer.

To find your nearest dealer use the dealer locator.


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