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Might've found one that I want to buy...But....

HI everyone,

As per the title, I think I might've found an 848 that I want to part with my hard earned for....the only issue is, is that its dash screen appears to have scratches/cracks across it pretty bad...

After doing a bit of hunting on the net, it appears that this is a fairly common thing to occur on all 848/1098 dashes...

Is there anyone on here that has embarked upon a refurb or repair undertaking for the dash issue yet??

I've seen on another Ducati Forum (....ahem, no where near as good as this one, don't look on there that much, happened to just noticed something about this issue....) that an owner of a 1098 has managed to 'fix' his using a custom built piece of acrylic to replace his cracked OEM part - but even with his 'How to' thread to hand, I still wouldn't have the minerals to take my new bikes dash apart and give it a whirl myself!?!?!??!

Cheers for any advice or help folks!

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