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2 Motocross bikes stolen

Thieving b*****d's have stolen nephew's & brother in laws YZF426 & CRF450. Shed was broken into, locks were cut & bikes with disk locks intact dragged through neighbours garden. The bikes were stolen Sunday evening/Monday morning of the 7/8th August, location: Essex.

The thieves had a look inside the neighbours shed containing a 748 but decided to leave that. My 18 yr old Nephew has worked part time for several years to pay for the YZF, he is devastated. In addition to the reward below I will donate 100 to riders for health if bikes are recovered.

2002, Yamaha YZF426 blue original graphics, Frame no: CJ0IC-030671 & engine no: J308E-019470.

2003, Honda 03 CRF450, engine & or frame number JHZ PE08A53M 102531.

500 reward for information leading to the return of the bikes - contact Kevin on 07712117832.
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