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Help! - Veto Evo problem

Hi guys

Took the fairing off my 888 to top up the oil. Whilst the indicator bulb was disconnected, the alarm armed itself. Now, for some reason, it won't respond to the remote.

Having then to move this bike in order to park my other bike, the alarm sounded - and it wouldn't stop despite my removing the main battery etc. It finally stopped when its own internal battery had flattened, but now the siren sounds whenever I refit the main battery - and the bike is still immobilised. Still no response to the remote either.

Anyone have any ideas how to overcome this problem? I should add that the remote's battery is good, and its display light flashes when I press the arm/disarm button. I've tried pressing both buttons to re-align too.

Do I now have to disconnect the alarm altogether in order to start the bike??

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