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I dont know if I need to start a new thread or not, but I recently used this luggage on a 999 bip, Wylie1 also used it and so did a friend of ours on a GSXR750 on a trip to France/Switerland/Italy/Germany but took it off on the Nurburgring though!

The bags fit perfectly on our **9's, the quality was excellent and literally take about 90 seconds to put on or take off. Carrying handle also provided as well as rain proof cover that you secure on without having to take the bag off.

We all took 2 weeks worth of clothes, waterproofs, small toolkits etc - the thing was like a tardis but solid as a rock on the bike. The only thing I would say is that it pays to pack it properly, heavier items central and use the elastic tightening cords to take up any slack space. Common sense really.

I can't remember how many times we said to each other how impressed we were with the 'Cargo-bags'.

The chap at Bags Connection, name of Sean, was very helpful and looked after us for ordering 3 at the same time. Give him a call.

An excellent product which I can't recommend enough and very good value for money. Just ask Wylie1.

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