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Sargent World Sport Performance Seats

“I want to get my product reviewed, what do I have to do?” This was the message I picked up by email recently from a guy looking to get a review of one of his companies products on our web site and into Pronto.

The simple answer is you just need to provide a sample of your product (which should of course be Ducati orientated) to one of us to try out and report on. It really is that easy, any Ducati Sporting Club member can submit a product review for inclusion.

So the story moves on and Sean Williams, MD of Calamander, the UK distributors of Sargent World Sport performance seats, followed up his initial enquiry with a view to getting one of the seats reviewed.

Sargent produce a range of seats for most Ducatis, including the newly introduced Multistrada version, we decided that one to fit the 996R would be a good test, sports bikes being very popular in the UK and among our members. The same seat will fit 748/916/996/998 bikes.

A choice of trim colours and seat covering material textures are available, I opted for red/white and green striping down the side with red piping. This is a standard item and is marketed as an Italian Flag logo, it may optionally be removed or may be copied to the other side as well. The seat covering I chose was Carbon FX, other options are Griptex or smooth.

The sample duly arrived and fitted simply in place of the original unit, which does look a bit bland in comparison.

The acid test for any seat, no matter how pretty, is how it cares for the riders long suffering backside. It is also important that the rider can move around on the seat if he (or she) adopts an energetic riding style. My original plan was to ride down to the Nurburgring over the Easter bank holiday, do a few laps and see how the seat performed in both touring and track type riding. This trip unfortunately had to be postponed but I still had the opportunity to do a quick trip to Wales with a friend and found the seat very comfortable, we did around 350 miles in the afternoon, which would cause some riders discomfort.

Ducatis are best ridden at a reasonable pace to lift weight off the riders’ wrists, I’ve personally never had cause to complain about comfort when riding Ducati sports bikes on longish trips. Perhaps the wide flat seat suits my anatomy, the Sargent version gave me no cause for complaint in the comfort stakes.

I have since ridden the bike on other lengthy trips and can confirm that it is very robust, the finish has stood up to extended use very well and I can only recommend it as a practical, well finished, attractive after market product.
It is a more comfortable alternative to the original fitting and looks very appropriate on the 996R, take a look at the pictures and judge for yourself.

Further details of the Sargent product range and other bike related products can be found on the following sites: