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How easy is it to take a datatool off???

After leaving me calling for a recovery truck with some weird immobiliser type symptoms at the weekend (that seemed to be fixed simply by using the second key fob). I reckon I've got more to do if I want to be out and about this weekend.

I was doing some work outside the house and just brushed past the bike. The alarm went off and I'd done no more than flick it with my sleeve as I went past. Then it refused to turn off, with either key fob. Tried the "pressing both buttons at a time" thing to reset it....nothing...bloody thing squealing away. Then I put the key into the ignition to see if I could put it into service mode, and....the alarm turned itself off when I put the ignition on. Switch the ignition off again and it burst into it's racket again. No amount of dicking around with the key seems to disarm the alarm or reset it so I've had enough just want rid of the thing...but I've no idea what bits of the loom it's patched into or what I have to do to remove it (apart from clipping the wires and throwing in in the bin)

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