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more setbacks/leaky tank

After many hours spent in the garage this morning preparing the bike with all the bits i have managed to buy/given by fellow members from the forum i thought i would be able to take the bike for a spin today. Forks from Paul851, mudguard bracket from Guy851 and endless advice and visits from Andy Pocock. So, i couldnt ask for more from fellow members.

The chain/sprockets were fitted, tank internals attached, final check over and getting ready for a spin. After starting the bike i peeped under the tank to check if fuel lines were correctly attached and i saw/smelt fuel. At first i thought it was spilt fuel from when i filled the tank. On closer inspection i realised that there was another fuel leak..the reason i say another is because a local bike shop alloy welded two small cracks midweek. This one is the size of a pin head at the back of the tank and leaking fuel drips onto the rear cyclinder head plug socket.

I cant continue on chasing fuel leaks and i think its bout time i sourced a used tank or sought the advice of fellow mbers as to how i can resolve a leaky rusty alloy tank, i dread to think what would happen if fuel leaked whilst out riding and a hot engine.

All advice/leads most appreciated.

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