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Economical recession

In this economical recession we are having, it seems insurance company's still want to get blood out of a stone had my renewal quote through from Ducati insurance yesterday for my 2009 Ducati Bayliss Rep which was nearly 100 pounds more than last year coming in at 910 fully comp,

So popped on line and tried Carol Nash who came in at 610 that's better i thought, but will try a few others.

So I tried Bennets online quote form they came up with 345.23, now that's even better i thought to myself, but would try a few more.

So tried MCE they came in at 217.00 but they did not have 1098R Bayliss rep listed in the drop down box so i selected 1098R I gave them a call and asked them about difference between a 1098R and my Bayliss Rep, they came back to me with an adjusted quote of 262 inc breakdown cover etc now this is more like it

In the mean time Carol Nash rang me saying they see i had been online for a quote, and i told them i had but at 610 they could forget it, after a while he came back on the phone and offered me it for 369 nothing had changed in the half hour since my online quote but they were suddenly able to offer it to me for nearly half their original quote, go figure !!!!

Might try a few more today and see if i can better MCE offer of 262

It just goes to show the huge disparity between insurance company's prices though and how all of a sudden they can drop the price by nearly half as in the Carol Nash quote.
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