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I have it fitted to my bike, and think its worth every penny no stupid alarms going off or problems with alarms imobalising the bike at will as some do leaving you stranded, Not had my bike stolen yet but if someone so much as lifts it off the stand i get a text and so do 2 other people on my list, bike trac also ring you to check if its you moving your bike, if it does get stolen its easy to go online and see where it is before calling the police or going round with a few m8s and baseball bats. i like the added feature if the bike is on its side a text is sent and you are called if you dont answer the police are notified of your location ideal if you come off on a back road and no one is around to help you at least you know help is on the way if your in a ditch or something.

For me its peace of mind no one listens to alarms and once its in the back of a van you have no idea where it is at least with bike trac you have peace of mind

Just my views.
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