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Originally Posted by mileypau
Relay connector has four wires coming in, (one of which is brown) and a short 45mm loop of brown back into the connector. Mine this loop had chafed through so i had two short pieces of wire sticking out the back and the incoming brown wire insulation chafed back exposing the copper. Bizarrely as the brown loop had chafed on the brown incoming, even when copper on copper it had still worked. Until it finally broke apart.

The loop is probably where it jumps the main incoming 12 volt feed that goes to a relay contact across to the relays coil, with the other side getting earthed by the ECU, providing all interlocks are correct (Sidestand, Clutch switch, Neutral)
So no 12 volt no energised relay and as both carry the same 12 volt copper on copper wasn't a issue just the breakage as you say

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