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The size of the grid doesn't look good, the racing up front is still pretty good though. First time in yonks that Ducati have not scored a point in a WSBK race according to another thread on here.

Doesn't dorna or an associated company control both the WSBK and moto GP championship now?
There's been a few rumours of the two championships merging in some way. WSBK can't be a cheap championship to do as a non factory team but it must be cheaper than a CRT in motoGP?

It wasn't that long ago that MotoGP was struggling to put more than 15 bikes out.

I see motoGP as the no holds barred tech fight with the factories throwing the kitchen sink at the bikes with electronics, seamless shift and the like. WSBK should maybe head down the BSB, no electronic rider aids route.

TBH the world supersport and European superstock 1000s are usully good to watch as well. It looks Likes Lowes is going to take the supersport crown this year. The even used to show the European superstock 600s, that used to be a right loonfest.

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