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Who knows of any sport scientists in the racing field?

Hi all. I'm studying for a degree in Sport Science, and my dream job is to work as a physiologist in motorcycle sport. I am struggling to find any info about the subject, but I know that these jobs exist as I've seen them in TV shows I've watched. The job involves fitness testing, VO2MAX for example, additionally muscle strength, endurance, co-ordination/reaction speed, biomechanics, etc and guidance on fitness/physiology. A uni in Portugal is conducting studies in the field, I might have to get an internship there for a year. Does anyone know what's happening in the field in this country?

I recently met Neil Appleby who gave me a positive on the subject, in that he though that there are these people involved in the sport and he said why don't I have a look here at this forum.

Any links, or information or chit chat would be gratefully received.
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