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Wanted - Looking for a 999

Hi All.

Casually looking for a 999 - preferably an S and preferably a mono.

Was converted from IL4's in 2000 with a parallel twin - TRX850 - Wonderful bike. This lead to a 916 which I rode for 8 years and loved the thing, but it felt like it was a bit of a monkey on my back, as in always wanted one but for some reason a pang of guilt came up every time I thought about swapping it out. I stabled it up with a Hypermotard 1100 to keep its miles down.

Early last year I let them both go and pick up an RC8R. Awesome machine, but too much for my needs and not red.

Got myself a KTM 250 EXC six days and have enjoyed a summer/autumn of back to dirty basics.....BUT I miss the road, the track and the touring.

I know the market is pretty baron this time of year, next purchase will be a 999 and I have been looking at 999/999s on ebay / MCN / Biketrader

Where else do they pop up. Thanks. Nige -
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