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Unhappy Hi from Yorkshire

After having lots of trouble with my 6 month old BMW r1200 GS LC I decided it was time to get rid and buy the latest Multistrada. After reading all the reviews and reports on how amazing the bike is I arranged a test ride. Well I'm so disappointed. First of all I struggled to start the demo as the battery appeared nearly flat. The bike was in urban mode and ran like the choke was fully out. After a few miles It was noisy and ran like it was on 1 cylinder. My partner was on pillion and couldn't stand the ride. It gave heard a bad headache. When I returned it to the dealer he said there was nothing wrong with it. Ducatis aren't everybody's cup of tea? I really can't believe it was running OK please tell me this isn't the norm? I rode the GS back home and it felt like a sewing machine compared to the Ducati. I'm going to try another dealer and another demo and hopefully ride a better bike.

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