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I don't know if the 999/749 has the same type of spacer tube as the ST, but if it has it will look a bit like a tube with fins around it to keep it centred in the hub. This means that you can't wriggle it into an offset position to get a drift behind the wheel bearing.

But...the spacer will have a slot in one end and you should be able to get a long screwdriver or something like that in from the opposite end, angle the blade through the slot and gently tap the first bearing out from behind. Once you've got the first one out, simply remove the spacer and you'll have plenty of the inner face of the second bearing available to tap that one out as well. We're not talking brute force here, the bearing is just an interference fit into the housing so it shouldn't need a club hammer.

If all else fails, you may need to take a cold chisel to the outer race of the bearing and crack it out. It's case hardened so it's quite brittle when you've got through the case hardening...but for gawds sake be careful, it's easy for the chisel to slip and gouge up the bearing seat.
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