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Originally posted by Old Yella

Hope it wasn't all as bad as you make it sound mate?

The No Limits crew are top lads and to hear they looked after you is no surprise at all.

Gis a proper run down when you get chance then?

And if I set off to yours for a beer now it would definitely be shut when I got there so I am having one or two for you here

No news from Rattler or Jon yet then?

Unfortunately it was that bad mate - I used just over one tank of fuel in 5 days of track time.

Yes, only 1!!!!! I covered around 80 very expensive on track miles.

Jon is probably tucked up in bed and Rattler should be on his way home I'd imagine. He was on track today as well. I got a text from him and today was the best day since we'd been there.

Typical ...
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