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Originally Posted by Martin Dower
I've been told I need to 95db at 2/3rds revs or less to survive a sound check at the 'Ring and that "seems" less than my 1098s with Termis produces. Any idea what the dB level of my bike might be (aside from popping along to race meeting and getting is measured)? TIA

been a few times and advice would be take DB killers with you in case you get a pull, they dont test everyone; its by exception (unless its changed since last May), seems enough normally, dont strangle it in the car par; just tick over with very little throttle when pulling away, have a closed clutch cover; that noise alone attracts attention!!

And if like Kim last year you ignore that, tick over next to the most blinged up bike there; they assume its that one and pull it leaving you to bang off into the distance
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