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First TD on the 749s

Well, after collecting the 749s last week, I took it to Mallory yesterday to see what was what.

After the predicted "getting use to the power", or lack of after coming from an RR6 Fireblade and an SP1, I had a few issues which I hope you guys can shed some light on.

The weather was really warm, and I was running around the 59-1.00 lap times, and getting to the end of the sessions, the brakes were fading BIG time. I will check the pads and the fluid, but what do you guys recommend for them both? What pads and what fluid?

Next thing that was doing my nut in was the clutch. Again, near the end of a good session, the clutch started slipping a lot. Generally when I pinned it and at higher revs it was a nightmare. And one session at low revs aswell. The first time it happened it was coming down the elbow when I was trying to get the jump on the Japs, and I thought the rear was spinning up. Bit scary down the Elbow as you know. But it was the clutch I later found out.

So, new plates required? If so, what type? I have an RS Slipper that I intend to fit also.

One last thing, engines. Im seriously thinking about looking for a 999s engine to drop in. How much would I likely look to pay for one (provided I could find on)? And also, would it just drop straight in like for like?

Thanks in advance,

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