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Angry what ****es me off is !

someone knows who's got it, or who's storing it, or they will buy the parts from it when/if they decide to break it !!!!!!!
Doe's anyone realy care anymore? Oh you can Ring "crimestoppers" on 0800 800 Kiss my arse .com or 0800 800 (grasss ya mate up and we promise we will tel the world who it was and the thief gets away with it .COM)
Then you can see a real bargain on ebay for a fraction of the cost and still buy it and not ask questions, I even know people who have bought dodgy parts and then spent a furkin fortune hiding the orginal identity!!! Morons!
come on guys send the word out and (stop a thief ) "Do it to them B4 they do it to you"

****ers.... theives are scum but buyers of stolen gear are worse!

psycho mav
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