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Cost of Desmo Due

Hope to get a 600SS for 1500, will try and make 916 race fairing fit as I already have one and it has a catch tray.
Fit new belts, oil and filter. 75 ish
Slip on exhaust, dynojet kit and K&N unless bike already has some or all of these. 2??
Aeroquip hoses if not already fitted. 20
Fork oil change, maybe different grade, air gap and preload spacers 20
Maybe new spring on rear shock 30
Two front tyres and three rear. already got a couple of fronts and a rear so about 170
Solo seat would be nice
Steering damper--- Not sure if needed yet maybe it will be at Castle (Bumpy) Combe but not Brands Indy or Cadwell woodlands.
Acu licence is already on the cards so not a added cost, New Era and North Glos club memberships likewise.
Entries if I race in another class as well one class will get a reduced rate so will add little to my yearly entries.
Same applies to transport costs etc as I will be racing next year anyway.
Race fuel for a timed practice and two races say around 15
No eyesight test, traing school or novice bib,

So mainly about a 2k outlay on a bike and then I'll be ready to go out to play. Now what shall I sell off to try and raise 2k, full 749S body kit, 955 Corse engine and running gear, Fireblade, GSXR600K2 race bike, DP rearsets and heal carbon gaurds, 54mm exhaust, ZXR400L even the Dymag Carbon arm. Hopefully it will be the Blade just after Xmas
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