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Originally Posted by Jools
Hmmmm....not sure why they would make such a difference to the rev limit. I know that freer flowing cans help the breathing, but my 888 strada revs like a rev hungry thing on standard pipes and on the high level cans I have for it.

Are you sure that there was nothing wrong with it beforehand?

There has been no change to the rev limit, it is just that the amount of power it makes over 9000 makes it worthwhile holding on to the revs before changing up. It is not so noticeable in the lower gears, in fourth and above it makes all the difference. Before anyone says 9000 in fourth is quite fast this was on the back straight at Snetterton!

Anyway the deeper exhaust note would have made it worthwhile on its own.

I also read the Moto One Performance website reports very carefully before deciding to buy a 50mm system, see My reading of this was that for 100hp you really needed the 50mm headers, incidentally the ST4 runs 50mm headers to achieve its 102hp. This is also supported by the analysis in Ian Falloon's Ducati Desmoquattro Performance Handbook that mentions the correct ratio for exhaust valve diameter vs header diameter, which comes out at 50mm for the 888. Obviously there are many other factors that affect power, but there are not many you can bolt on yourself in an evening.
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