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What Monty said.

For those looking to buy the touring version, Some report the stand arm being too long and rubbing on their heel. No big deal, and to be modified on the 2011 models.
Also the panniers are not overly watertight, but again is an easy fix and there are reported to be a new design (or factory fix) on the way.
The jury is out on the screen. Some cut it down and like low screens, others are going for bigger ones. I ride with it allthe way up most of the time and have no problems with it at all.

All in all it is a cracking bike, and the minor funnies don't come close to putting most off buying one.

Oh, don't beleive the 200+mile pers tank quote. You'll not see this unless you ride very gently. I usually see a refill between 150 and 170 miles, and this comes down to 130 to 150 if I ride hard. When it says it is empty it means it too (7 miles past zero and mine is bone dry).

Hope that helps,
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