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Meta 357T for me. I initially went for the Meta for two reasons: they could build the zapper into the key, car-stylee, and the alarm was actively armed separately from the immobilisor, so you didn't need that irritating chirrupping "service mode". I think in both cases that the latest Datatools overcome these objections; they didn't back then.

However, they haven't been without their niggles. In fact, I'm awaiting a replacemenr unit now! To be fair, it's never left me stranded or unable to start the bike, though.

One outfit I would strongly recommend is the fitters I used, Peak Motorcycle Security. They're based in Leicester, but will travel to fit your alarm no problem; they came to Bristol and fitted mine at my work. They've done a good job, and have always been prepared to sort out any niggles FOC.
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