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Originally Posted by virtualtwit
Nooooo - it won't let you down Stealth,
Called in dealers today (was working up that way)
Termi's and tinted double screen ordered, (unfortunately NOT the full system) I think I've taken the pi*s enough with the bike and termi's ? @er who has to be obeyed would NOT see the logic in the full system (or the cost) !
Good news is - it "could" land at the dealers earlier, (mid next week) but, I'm not building my hopes up AGAIN ?
44 to up-grade insurance for the rest of it's term (until November)
It just gets better
I feel like a kid feels leading up to Christmas (and I'm 56) !!!!

I did notice a lot more noise coming up from beneath the tank when I test rode the demo, and the heat from the R/H side in town/traffic, but - what the hell, keep out of towns and pass traffic is my answer !

To be up-dated Gents, sooner rather than later - I hope ?

You told her indoors........!!!???
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