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I think ive ridden the best road going duke ever !

Wow !!! Ive just had the T8 back from Louigi Moto freshly serviced and what a difference !!!

The bike doesnt really get used much and was still on the same squared of michlelins it had wjhen I bought it (3 years ago !!) and the rear shock was very very tired (no adjustment left!)...hence it didnt handle very well at all in comparison to stuff im used to !

It went into Louigis, new shock, jack up kit on the back, suspension setup diabolo corsas and a toby steering damper, and the difference is just incredible !!! Its only now i'm getting the benefits of those magnesium wheels I think because now you only have to think and the thing falls on its side.

It was OK before but now its quite simply the most impressive road going ducati ive ever ridden - just so planted and balanced !! Went out at 7am on saturday and attacked some of my favourite (empty at that time!) roads- did 160 miles that day and didnt want to go home ! Had a huge smile on my face all the way !!

Sorry if i'm sounding a bit of a ponce but after falling out with my S4R over the last month or so - its nice to get some enthusiasm back !!

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