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Originally posted by docsnugs
should i run 180 or 190 with this rim, i 've measured it across (with tyre on) and it looks like a 6 inch rim (Brembo cast inside a spoke)
Got 190 on now and planning to fit 180/55 209 GP

What is best?

I think that the rear rim is probably a 5.5 or a 5.75. If you have measured across the rim ( spoke side) and it is 6 inches, then I think this is the case.

To measure correctly, would mean removing the tyre and measuring the inside of the rim, where the tyre beading sits. It should have the measurement on the inside of one of the spokes as well.

I have 5 spoke marchesini rims. The rear measures 6 inches across the rim ( spoke side) but on the inside of one of the spokes. It has 5.75 stamped on it. I run 180/55 and sometimes 190/55 depending on what mood I am in. I do notice that when running the 190/55, it tends to move around a tad when cranked over. This never happended with the 180/55.

Still, I could be wrong. All I know is when you see an actual 6 inch rim on a 748/916 etc, it looks awsome. Really wide.

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