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Assistance requested: KRC Endurance Entry July 29


Ali, Rattler and myself have decided to try and put together an entry for the KRC Endurance round at Snetterton on the 29th and 30th of July. We are in the embryonic stages of planning and so far we basically need help with everything!

The machine classes are here.

I have potential interest in tyre sponsorship and the offer of some spannering so far. To get us on the grid the first thing we need is a bike. We can't afford to do this by buying a bike so we are looking for assistance/loan bikes or whatever in this area. Our initial thoughts were along the lines of a 600 IL4 but are open to idea's and help. Any help over the weekend with spannering, paddock stands, support etc would be gratefully received and of course so would any financial assistance.

Whatever bike we end up riding, assuming it all comes together, we intend on having one set of bodywork painted up in the colours of any sponsors with the appropriate logo's in place.

If you would like to offer any help, in any capacity, please contact me via u2u or e-mail me at

Thanks for reading

TP, Tim & Ali
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