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Datatool System 4!!!

I had one of them new Datatool S4 thingies installed today, and by the looks of the manual and the demo I had from the manufacturer it seems to be the dogs danglies!

It's not on the market yet, but here's the score... had a fone call from datatool on monday, they wanted me to road test the S4 before it hit the shops and tell them what I think of it. And no I'm not about to flog one to anybody, I have no business interest with them, just thought someone might like an opinion.

There's plenty of features to it, possibly too many to be honest but you just use the bits you want. There's the usual stuff like passive arming with just immobiliser, full arm with immob/nudge/tilt, ferry mode. Additional features include full disarm, 3 stage sleep mode monitoring bike's battery, 'panic' button, hazard lights, PIN code disarm, secondary trigger switch (i.e. fixed to the seat unit)

Here's the bit I like - Released very soon will be a PIR sensor which is mounted, say, in the corner of the garrage and will remotely trigger the alarm by sending a 'panic mode' signal just by walking in the room! Such a simple idea.

It's got 8 different ringtones too so the neighbours won't be getting much sleep tonight

Saying all that tho, it might turn out to be crap! If it is then I'll let you know... have to play with it lots and report back. Watch this space.


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