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Seat units ? What are you using ?

I'm fitting a 748/916 tank to mine over winter and it takes the seat height up considerably to match the line of the tank.

I currently have an R6 tail unit fitted which aint going to be adaptable to the new tank height. (I know this because I hacked and ground it to bits yesterday, but ended up with just a lot of dust and scrap plastic !)

So what do you use and how well do they fit ?

I know Phil D has a fireblade seat unit and Ghost a ZX10, whilst DW appears to have the ZX6 ?

I'm wanting to keep the enclosed look of the R6, so any suggestions please and any to avoid ?

I appreciate I will be fabbing brackets to take it up a good 2 inches from the rear subframe, but want to know if I can still keep the enclosed look etc ?

I don't mind splashing out, but want to know what to buy before I do it, if anyone's done similar.

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