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Tank swap on 620 (2002) to a 600 (2002)

Hi all,

I am after a bit of advice, i bought a 2002 620 Monster 620ie and it had been stood not used for a while (had been fully serviced before i bought it)....

After i bought it, we found it would not rev out and starting stuttering at around 7k - after some investigation we found that the tank was rotten and the fuel filter was being blocked up..

I got the tank steam cleaned and replaced the fuel filter and it runs like a dream - though an odd hole has started to form and it will just keep on rusting. I bought a second hand tank off a 600 (same year) which i thought was the same - only to find out it is different. Please can someone with some experience have a look at the two pics below and let me know if it is possible to swap these around?

One thing i have noticed, is that my current tank (silver) has the fuel filter inside while the new tank (purple) looks like it has an external filter... or do i have this wrong? - pics of both tanks

If i am correct, I would say i need the following filter: 70fb4

With this filter i would need someway on fixing it to the tank with a clip - is this all possible or am i crazy? It seems fairly easy, but i could be overlooking something...

Thanks in advance...
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