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Problems With Slipper Clutch

I recently bought a Bucci Clutch on ebay

The clutch disks were not the same from the instructions, but since I have some spare clutch disks I used them to obtein the instrutions disks compilations.

The problem is that when starting to move the bike, in a low engine rotation, every thing is fine, but if I rev the engine to 3500 rpm or more, at firts every thing seams fine, but then the bike jumps a lot and squils - makes funny noises - (sometimes it iven stalls) and finally stops the jumps and rolls ok.

I tryed a lot of thing to try to stop this:
- i've sanded the iron disks
- I add another iron disk to obtein a 38mm thick group of disks

but It keaps doing the same.

Every thing else is ok. The slipper clutch is work well when I Reduce gears and while rolling, the clutch is smooth like it sould.

Please try to gide me trough this problem
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