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Insurance advice please.


I am finishing the year with sad news, cause i sold my Panigale last month. I live in London and i didnīt see the point of having a Superbike here.
I still donīt know fellows to ride with and a bike like this is not for huge traffic and commuting...

So now iīm bikeless but thinking about getting another one. Despite i love racing bikes, i guess the best option for me now would be a Monster ( I am in between the new 1200 or perhaps a cheaper option, a second hand 1100evo...).

But iīve been told that having a motorbike in the UK isnīt cheap at all and i am a bit scared. Insurance, taxes, parking in London!

So, before doing anything iīd like to have an idea of how much would it cost me, starting for the insurance of the bike.

Any aprox figure for a reasonable insurance for one of those Monsters? Is it any difference in prize under 1000 cc? (in that case i would consider the 796).

Thank you in advance.
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