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I live in Uxbridge, way out west London
I am 35
I work in IT.
I ride a Monster 796
I have had my full bike license for 2 years
I have had my car license for about 9 years
I own a car
I have 3 points that are due to come off in 5 months.
I have done bike safe
I have had one accident that is going to court and will hopefully rule in my favour.
I have zero years NCD
The bike is parked on a drive way.
It has an alarm and a tracker.
It's used for social and commuting.

With Swindlers, I pay 1700 a year, plus all the added crap they put on for paying monthly, so it comes in to around 2000.

I called Ducati insurance a month or so ago, and they said they would be able to do it for I think 900 a month with 1 years NCD and 700 with 2 years.

That is fully comp.

Hope that helps!

Also, if you buy a monster then check out the good people at
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