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Ducati Xerox Junior Team Complete Testing In Spain

The 2009 season got underway for the Ducati Xerox Junior Team this last week with a four-day test session in Spain. The red machines, on track Monday 19th and Tuesday 20th at Almeria and Wednesday 21st and Thursday 22nd at Cartagena, clocked up approximately 1000km in the hands of the new riders Xavier Simeon and Daniele Beretta. Thanks to the favourable weather conditions, the team was able to carry out a great deal of work, testing different solutions with regard to the settings as well as making changes to enhance the competitiveness of the 2008 championship winning bike. Registering some very fast lap times throughout the week, the riders and their team came away more than satisfied with the results.

XAVIER SIMEON I had never ridden a Ducati until now and I must say that Im very impressed. The bike reacts very well and has an extremely powerful engine even at low speeds, all of which allowed me to go immediately fast without having to exert myself too much physically. The team is fantastic too, ready to respond to any request and we worked solidly for the four days. I am happier than Ive been for a long while, I really am sure we can achieve great things.

DANIELE BERETTA I am very happy with my decision to come to this team for 2009! The technical know-how of the guys is excellent and they have helped me to understand how to get the most out of the Ducati. I have work to do as I am still riding as if on board the 600cc bike I was riding until just a few weeks ago but I have made constant progress this week and my times were close to those of my new team-mate. A very positive test that means I leave Spain very happy and am looking forward to getting back on the bike as soon as possible.

SERAFINO FOTI It was important for us to get on track with our new riders to give them the chance to build confidence riding the bikes and with the team. Were very satisfied with the work thats been done; the riders proved themselves to be very professional. We were not trying to break speed records but from what we have seen we are confident that we can be very competitive once again this season.
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