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Tent, awnings, gazebos - wot eva!!!

Right - as things are fast approaching "bring it on" time, I reckon its time I sorted out how the hell I'm gonna spend the restless nights before the race days.

I might get the use of a van at some of the races, but not all, so I do need some kind of tent type affair for me and some kinda protection / cover for the Mini Moni, both during the day and overnight !!!

I know that Lizzie posted similar up recently, but what's the story on being able to pitch a tent at all the tracks? For example, whats the Bobby at Brands? Or are we camping at the inside of graham hill bend??????

Are hardstanding tents / awnings / gazebos the order of the day or what?

If I do go and get one of these multi-roomed covered area type tents that Lizzie reffered to will I be able to use that at all events - can these be hardstanding?

Any tips appreciated.
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