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[quote]Originally posted by Rattler
Originally posted by domskidue
You'll always find a bit of grass somewhere, unless you want to sleep right next to you bike?

Why not get 2-3 to chip in 75 each and buy a heeeeuge party tent type thingy like what I have.

6m x 4m like a double garage, was about 180-200 I think maybe less. Have a look on ebay.

You can then all park your bikes in that securely overnight, and camp wherever you want.

Domski - good shout, lets go for a group buy, anyone interested in getting a mansion-tent? The staff have gotta sleep somewhere!!!

Might be an option though. Anyone gonna be at all races that can offer space for the night? Eitther for me or Monnie, or both? - happy to split costs.

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