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So who says insurance is up this year!

Just renewd my insurance 350 comp unlimmited milage and they don't mind end cans! They have even protected my 2 years no claims and thrown in legal cover.

And who is this with? At least 3 brokers quoted me this deal, ok so Virgin wanted 900+ but most of my quotes were about the 450 mark. This says that 2 years no claims discount makes a big difference (compared to one year) or all you hear about premiums on the increase is not true.

So all is not lost folks, if your insurance is due you could do a lot worse than try:

Ronnie or Rob at insure my ducati, 0800 072 1343

Clare At Express insurance, 0121 386 7710

Steve at Laxton insurance, 0800 781 0542

Don't get me wrong they may not be commpetertive for everyone but thy were for me.

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