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Originally Posted by Womble247
As a side note I am really not impressed with my new Shoei lid, its an XR1100 and although just as comfy and around the same weight as my previous 2 lids (Arai Viper GT) it has a stupid lip on the back of it which digs in to the hump on my one piece leathers and jams in to the collar on my Rukka jacket restricting my head from moving... to be honest at the moment I think it is dangerous and am trying to work out how I can get it replaced if possible. The lid was fine in my Triumph leathers which have a low collar and no hump and my lodger also has one and has no issues with his kit so am guessing it is not designed to be used with a collar or hump? (am awaiting a reply from the UK importers on this matter)

I have the same issue with my XR-1100 (which funnily enough I bought to replace a Viper GT). I came to hate the Viper due to the noise - I just can't live with Arais any more (though I always wear earplugs). I love it in every way except the one you raise: it's much quieter, it's a bit lighter, and above all the visor change mechanism is a thousand times better than the laughable hit-and-miss crunchy Arai one. But I do find that as you say the rear lip grabs against the collar of a leather suit; it doesn't help that it's rubber and therefore more resistant. Shoei market the XR-1100 as a sports-touring helmet (the X-Spirit 2 being the pure sporty one), and I think that's where they've gone wrong - that rear lip makes it closer to a straight touring helmet (hence the absurdity of doing it in Bradley Smith colours...).
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