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Trackbike Itch - please stop me !!!

Hi all,

Not much for me to post lately, so I've just been lingering in the background.

After watching some great classic racing of late, I'm starting to get the dreaded trackday itch again.

Then the other day I spotted a 1000DS motor for sale and stupidly ran through all the spares I currently have....

Frame, SBK forks, yokes, fairings, wheels, split or twinned 41mm FCR's, shocks, seats and track foot rests.

So dammit, its started something now, 1000DS motor, loom and coils are available, it wouldnt be going on the road so I could go on a real weight cutting diet but would need a swingarm and a fuel tank but not the end of the world I guess.

Questions - is this actually viable MS1000DS motor in a 97 SS frame, then converting it to carbs (FCRs) as the injectors have sold already.

Maybe someone had better talk me out of this......MONTY !!!! where are u


Cheers - Frank
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