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Originally Posted by Monty
The only problem with 'central' Martin is-central to who/where?? Those in London/far South East will say Brands is central-whereas others will say Oulton Park is central. In the days when I ran the trackday I have organised events at both those venues-and had to cancel then due to lack of support-mainly because members felt they should be able to decide to attend at the very last moment according to the weather-and the club couldn't take the risk. Silverstone is pretty central, as is Donington-and both are hugely expensive. We have run at Rockingham a couple of times which is also central and easy to access-but lots of members didn't like it-no idea why as I think it's a good little circuit-which brings us back to Cadwell...............


I hear you John and I'm not knocking anyone - central means central to the UK and reasonably well served by the motorway network - to me that means probably Donington or Oulton Park. Sure they may be more expensive, but people who ride Ducati's aren't generally paupers - just need to persuade people to part with their cash early enough to make the event viable.
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