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I am hoping to set up the Somerset Group's meetings at The Halfway House near Langport. Not withstanding the fact that I have yet to visit The Halfway House (for reasons not all water related) in order to check their availability for meets I will now call "The Somerset Ducati Group" into and place of meetings TBA.

The first opportunity for a group hug comes at The Bristol Classic Bike Show next weekend, 8th and 9th Feb'. I will be going at some point, I'm easy on which day or time, anybody else going?

A little further ahead is the Ducati Road Show which visits Rider's at Bridgewater on the 7th June. Not sure if I'll be able to make this, I might get to the Bristol one in March, but would be a good date for The Somerset Group diary.

Other suggestions for ride outs and/or meets would be gratefully received.
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