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A quick update that may help others.

Being entirely peeed off I complained to Ducati UK and received a reply as follows...

"Good Morning Duncan,
Ducati Performance is not an independent company from Ducati Motor Holding, merely the Brand Name of Accessories and Tuning Items for Ducati Motorcycles.

Regarding accessories availability for 999s - we have been receiving products over the last months. However supply is still a little slow (although improving rapidly) because of the completely new design of the bike. Almost all the accessories have had to be manufactured after the final design of the bike went into production.

Regarding Termignoni exhausts, please let me know which one's you have on order and who the dealer is and i will try to get you a delivery date.

Best regards

Georgina Jonas
Clothing and Accessories Manager"

So I sent her the info and this was the response......

"Hello Duncan

I have a reply from Italy regarding your exhaust system. I am afraid it will not be available until mid June at the earliest.
I have asked Italy to supply Daytona Riuslip as priority as soon as the kit becomes available.
I am sorry that I am not able to give you better news on this.

Thank you for your patience.

Best regards


I found "Georgina" to be helpful and polite and at least she did what she said she would.

So if anyone else is having Ducati Performance delivery problems why not drop her a line directly....
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