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Originally Posted by Scooter916
Nige that is contrary to What pirelli say about their tyres.
Not doubting your way though

But not contrary to Metzeler or Dunlop. As a matter of interest I was struggling with my wets a bit last year at Pembrey...I couldn't get the bike to turn. Alan Russell of A&R Racing came to me, put more air in my tyres and turned my warmers off. I went back out in the ****ing my knee down, turned the bike without trouble and delivered my best wet race result ever. On Pirellis.

Believe me...warmers are bad news on wets. If you don't have enough air in the tyres and they are too warm them the tread will fold and squirm, the tyre will deform and you will find it hard to turn the bike because the tyre is not maintaining shape. The difference that I felt was a revelation.
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