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Originally Posted by keith888
Any one on here know anything about agressive bees (they don't look like wasps)? My wife got stung 3x at once (all on the face) with no warning earlier in the garden. I went out to investigate and there are what look like drab honey bees buzzing in and out of a mock orange bush. They are a similar size/shape to normal honey bees but MUCH faster and with a dark faintly banded abdomen. I was initially non-threatening and still got buzzed in the hair. I then got a very long stick and hit the bush (OK, very silly in hindsight). One of the bees made a 'bee-line' straight for my face and stung me before I even had chance to duck. None of us ended up with embedded stings. I've got rid of wasps nests before but these things are VERY scary!

Any advice appreciated.

Please don/t ask for photos!!!



I had a similar problem this time last year and it appears that the bees were swarming and trying to find a new home for a nest. I caught them trying to get in through a vent above a window and then through the air bricks on the east side of the house.

I blocked these off and the problem went away in a coupel of days.

I saw something similar on the Victorian Farm program lastyear and they advised getting a local bee keeper in to take them away.
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