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Originally Posted by skidlids
It could be come a mine field as Dave is hoping to have enough for two grids. It could be possible that Class 1C shares a grid with the Superbike class and therefore No Novices. So if we did allow Novices in they then may have to share the Grid with the Supercup guys. So you could end up with Class 1C rookies racing on a dufferent grid to the Non Rookie Class 1C riders.

As the DSC through Desmo Due classes A and B already provide two classes suitable for Rookies/Novices do we really need to provide a 3rd class for rookies. It's been bad enough trying to get experienced Class B riders to move to Class A let alone attract rookies to Class A

I agree there is no need for another novice class. IMO starting racing as a novice in DD (A or B) is way fast enough and perfect for building on your skill level.

Best thing I ever did.
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