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Originally posted by wilf
You should be ok with the smaller battery.

The 998 has a shorter stroke crank, so, like the 748, its easier to turn over (less piston travel per rev) the smaller batteries are ok on 748/916/998 but 996 and 996 S / SPS can be a bugger to push over tdc with a power station hooked up to them, let alone the small battery.

You can buy the adaptor from any Duc dealer (most should keep them in stock) dont quote me but i think they're under 10. no doubt i'll be put right if they are more

Interesting that you say that Wilf, my brother was complaining today that h's had to go out and get a new battery for his 916sps. The bike still wouldn't fire up and he got concerned when the battery leads started to smoke

Any ideas
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